Raksha Bandhan

Every festival, occasion, or celebration has some facts related to it. Similarly, the grand festival of Raksha Bandhan also has many interesting facts worth knowing. The festival glorifies brother-sister bonds that can be blood-related or made with mutual love, respect, and consent. But that does not make it any less than the purest form of sibling relationship. 

Rakshsa Bandhan, a celebration of the unique bond between siblings, it is the perfect time to express love and appreciation for sister.  Apart from knowing the facts, the festival is celebrated for protection, promises, and ritual performing ceremonies for sister,  where Rakhi gift hampers are exchanged, Raksha Bandhan has a lot of facts to offer you that are worth knowing. Since Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, we must look at some of the amazing and lesser known facts on Raksha Bandhan.

Although Raksha Bandhan signifies a brother-sister bond centuries ago, it has also been used for protection between unrelated individuals, especially in times of war and conflict. Women used to tie Rakhis to soldiers as a symbol of protection and to strengthen the unity of their communities to fight against the enemy and be victorious in battles.

Rakhi making is primarily a handmade craft. It uses various materials like threads, beads, pearls, stones, sequins, and other decorative elements to create intricate and colorful Rakhis. Almost every part of India contributes to Rakhi production, and every state showcases its talent and culture in its Rakhi designs. 

Different regions in India have their unique traditional techniques for making Rakhis. For example, in North India, the most common method is to weave colorful threads into a beautiful bracelet. In some parts of India, women use silk threads and weave them into delicate patterns. Some places still believe in the supremacy of mauli rakhi and tie mauli threads on their brother’s wrist to mark the festival. As per Hindu mythology multiple stories are narrated where the Rakhi thread was used to showcase the power of Raksha Bandhan and the importance of sibling bonds. From Krishan ji to his sister Subhdara, from Goddess Lakshmi to King Bali, from Lady Yamuna to her brother Yamraj, from Krishan ji to Queen Draupadi, and many more, all these stories from the past are filled with instances where a sister ties Rakhi to her brother and the brother keeps his promise of protecting his sister and her happiness.

The festival of Rakhi was celebrated to spread the love and care to the little brothers of Hegemony School , where the sisters tied Rakhi to their brothers and prayed for their prosperity and long life.