Vote for me!     Vote for me!       Vote for me!

The sound of these voices has its result to be announced.

The day finally arrived for our elected captains and vice – captains to be officiated with sashes and badges. To fill a position and make it theirs for this academic year 2023 – 2024. Even before we announce the pomp and pride that ensued during this day, I must say the students who weren’t elected stood in accordance and cheered their friends on. And that alone I will count as a feather in our, HGS Team’s hat. What more could we ask for from students who have showed us what unity and camaraderie truly is. What we strive to inculcate in children has taken root and born fruits too.

The day began with a lot of anticipation and inquisitiveness. Each student revising their speech in their minds and carrying butterflies in their stomach. One of the most awaited moments at HGS. Witnessed not only by the entire student body, but also parents and faculty. Our new student council was invested with designations and their intended responsibilities too. Being the first year that we have formed a student council, it was intended to stem within the hearts of our students, responsibilities, courage and determination. And for the years to come we show them how we bestow upon them our trust and confidence.

With the new found pride that the badges on their hearts give them, our students marched with flags flying high, shoulders straight and a slight tilt to chins making them the leaders for this year. Not just the school flag that flew high as always, we had our house flags and the sports flag too. Each of the leaders pledging with dedication, determination and devotion their discipline. The house captains and Vice – Captains were accompanied by the House Mistresses and their team of teachers who are there for support and guidance.

This Auspicious occasion was graced by the schools very own Chairpersons, Shri Lokesh Krishnappa and Nandini Lokesh who were the Guests of Honour and who shared with us a few inspiring words that we will look up to. On the Managements behalf, our very own Principal addressed the gathering. Having drawn our inspiration for the upcoming year, the event ended exquisitely with all the leaders taking their oaths and finally the National Anthem.

Jack Welch once said, before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. We the HGS Team wish the leaders the best of luck and a hearty congratulation.