Field Trip - Domino's Pizza, Hegde nagar

 Parents have an ideal role in the life of their child. They are responsible for rendering values throughout the childhood. We teachers too achieve great heights together with your support.

Today's field trip to Domino's Pizza, Hegde nagar was a tremendous success and we HGS Family thank the franchise for hosting our kindergarten classes for an enlightening trip to the store. Each class was able to spend quality time with the staff and learn food safety methods. They were all excited to have a first hand experience in preparation of an end to end pizza making skills. All of these little curious minds were attentive throughout. One of the most cherishing moments for them was relishing a sample of the pizzas,  made by their own tiny little hands and the final contentment of enjoying the pizza was indescribable.

Kindergarten students were also excited about the bus ride across the town as this was the first experience for many.  

We extend our thanks to the staff at Domino's Pizza who went out of their way in taking personal care of each child during the preparation process along with the dedicated class teachers. This opportunity to enjoy a few hours of alternate educational experience in addition to school curriculum would be forever embedded in the memory of our children.